Posted by: annmucc | December 23, 2010

Christmas Destination: Mission Complete

We finally arrived in Denmark, our Christmas destination – more than three days late, but we’re here!

The original plan was that we arrive in Denmark on Sunday morning, and we have decent time to finish Christmas shopping, spend time with Michael’s family doing Christmas stuff, and also have time for a trip to visit friends. Unfortunately, on Saturday night, we received a message from easyjet: We are sorry to inform you that your flight has been cancelled. The earliest we could rebook the flight was for Wednesday night. I was very disappointed, but there was not much we could do but wait.

Wednesday arrived and looking at the weather forecast it didn’t look too hopeful. We left for the airport early (very early!) where we met up with Eva, another PhD student in the centre I am based in, who’s flight was delayed for a number of hours. Michael worked a bit while I chatted and read newspapers. Time started passing by and no cancellations as yet. Then time for bag drop to open arrived, and still no cancellations. I asked the guy there about any cancellations and he said it should be fine.

We got through security, and finally the gate was called. We get to the gate and there was no staff – not very unusual so not toooo worried. There is no plane next to the gate though. Staff arrived. Less than 30mins before our flights was meant to leave, and still no plane though. Hmm. We get an announcement: flight will be 15mins delayed. After a bit more than that, the plane arrived! We got on…still not cancelled. And we were off!

The flight was quite bumpy, especially rising above the clouds and going back below at the end. Otherwise, it was quite uneventful. In any circumstance, I was just super glad we actually got on the flight, considering that if that flight was cancelled the earliest we could get here was on the 27th!

Plane landed, and we got through security. All normal. Hmm…but passport control stamped my passport! Why did he do that? I’m an EU citizen. Oh well, no time to think about that then. We had to pick up luggage and decide on if we are going to make it across Denmark yesterday night or today morning. We opted for going at night, as the weather was predicted to get much worse on Thursday morning.

We arrived in very white Vojens at 3am in the morning. His dad had lovingly come to pick us up, arriving home around 45mins later (the weather was quite bad, hence the delay).

Finally, around 4 days late, we got to our Christmas destination :D. A very happy Ann indeed (even though I am still trying to figure out what I need to sort out with my passport stamp!). Today has been a very eventful day, but I will update you later on!



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