Posted by: annmucc | December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010: Enjoying(?) the Snow

Being in Denmark this time round is pretty much the first time I have seen so much snow at one go. Everywhere is very VERY white.

Besides skiing (which I hope to get to some time next year), one of the things which have been on my snow to-do list is sledding. We had tried it out in London in the past days when we were stuck there. However, we didn’t have a proper sled, and failed miserably (a small plastic back or a piece of cardboard are not very useful I must say!).

In Denmark however, Michael’s family have a proper old-school sled! So on Christmas day  my treat was to go to the Toftlund sledding hill and try it out. On arriving there were only two other kids there snowboarding their way around. I wouldn’t say I will become a sledging star, but I definitely enjoyed it :D.

More snow-activities were planned for today. Alas, these were not my favourite :). We spent the morning traipsing around Michael’s grandparents/uncle’s land (which is very vast, believe me – he is a farmer) in up to knee-high snow. VERY tiring, and very cold. I guess my idea of fun differs significantly from Danish fun ;).

Otherwise our days have been quite relaxed. Yesterday we spent the evening playing Minotaurus, while this afternoon Michael and I made some pizza and mince pies while the parents went visiting family.



  1. Sledging sounds fun 🙂 Christmas in Denmark next…or perhaps FInland I think they get more snow there hmmmm

  2. Hehe – yeah…Finland for guaranteed snow I would say. Here the average is a white Christmas every 10 years, and they have had 2 in a row…So wouldn’t be too optimistic 🙂

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