Posted by: annmucc | December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010: Snowy Rømø

When I first came to Denmark, Michael was very keen to show me what a ‘real beach’ looks like, so took me down the road to Rømø. We did the same when my sister and mum visited. Compared to Malta’s beaches Rømø is quite big. Today there was one other difference to Maltese beaches: it was frozen over!

The drive to Rømø passed through mile after mile of white flat landscape. The snow really seems to have hit the western coast of Denmark hard. It was a bit disconcerting to me seeing all this whiteness around me to the end of my view! The water between Rømø and Denmark proper was also frozen solid! Arriving on the beach it was more of the same: white and cold! The new water/wind proof jacket and trousers I got for Christmas definitely came in useful!

The sand was covered in a solid layer of snow. This was however quite bad in parts as where there was drifting it was quite easy for your foot to sink through a half metre of snow! When we actually made it down to the sand (the tide was quite low), the sand itself was frozen, with a layer of ice over it. It was quite a strange experience for me…ice and sand? Have only seen that in my drinks so far!

Having walked around a bit (and Michael’s dad having enjoyed skidding the car left and right for a while) we then went on to explore a bit more of the island. The plan was to go for lunch at a fish restaurant in Havneby, the port town on Rømø. Unfortunately the restaurant was closed, so we just walked around a bit on the quay.

I found the frozen ice floes moving in the sea quite an impressive sight. The port was itself quite frozen, with only one path broken through the ice for a ferry which connects Rømø to Sylt, a German island close by.

We found lunch further up the road in a hotel where Michael had one of his first jobs. There I worked on the start of a list of things I want to do in Denmark at some point. I did realise how expensive Denmark was though from the cost of entry to most of these places! People say that London is expensive, but I don’t think it is as expensive as this!


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