Posted by: annmucc | December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010: Going visiting

Today is our last day here in Denmark for Christmas this year as tomorrow we will be making our way to Germany to see the New Year in with friends there. This was thus the last day we could fit in the last things we wanted to do, particularly people visiting.

The day started early, with a trip to Haderslev to have breakfast there with Helena and Søren (below right) (and baby Frederick). We had visited them a few trips back and they had come to Michael’s parents house. It was nice to meet up with them again, particularly as they are both happy to speak English, which makes for a happy me! Last time we visited them they had shown us plans for their planned new house. Today we got the chance to go over there and see it! They are supposed to move in during the next few months, so most of the major building work has been done. I was quite surprised though that even though it is essentially a building site, inside the house is warm!

On our way back home we then picked up Michael’s grandma and we had lunch all together at Michael’s parents’.

During lunch we learnt that Johannes (at his wedding, below), an old friend of Michael’s was visiting his parents down the road, so off we went! As with Søren and Helena, this is another crowd who seem happy speaking English. It is always interesting hearing stores about Danes, and Michael when he was young :D.

Now we are back home and the only plan is to relax and pack, before starting on the next leg of our journey tomorrow.


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