Posted by: annmucc | January 8, 2011

New Year in Hennersdorf

Plans for New Year dictated that we spend them with Michael H. and Sarah (and friends) in Hennersdorf, a small hamlet in Saxony. The two of them moved there from Prague some two years ago where they are refurbishing a house with the aim to convert it into holiday apartments.

So early on the 30th we jumped on a train in Vojens, Denmark to Hamburg, Germany. There we met up with Leif and Gisele, the other friends we were going to spend New Years with. From there we started the 6hr drive to Hennersdorf, where we arrived to delicious pizza, a lot of schnapps, and a late night.

All of us woke up quite late on NYE, thanks to the effect of the schnapps. On waking up though we found Michael H. shovelling snow in the garden, so Michael and I decided to pitch in – back-breaking work! When we were done we were ravenous, so the breakfast prepared by Sarah was very welcome! After breakfast Gisele, Leif, Michael and I headed off with sledges to the snowy garden. Sarah (who is pregnant) decided to stay behind, and so did Michael H.

Sledging was great! Being in such a rural and high area, they have been having 10-15cm of snow every night from a number of weeks by then. Though this is great, that much fluffy snow is not the best for sledging at first. So we slowly had to compress a track. But once that was done, the sledging was great. Back in the house we were tired and stumbled tiredly into bed before waking up for the NYE celebrations.

NYE meal consisted of raclette: i.e. meat and vegetables and melted cheese…nomnom! As it should be it was a very relaxed evening with a lot of laughter, chatter (in a mixture of German and English, as Gisele doesn’t speak much English, and my German is pretty non-existent). Following the meal we saw some photos before popping open a bottle of champagne at the appropriate time. However, we were all quite exhausted, so we soon headed off to bed.

New Years Day was another relaxed day. After breakfast we all went on a walk in the snow, where we saw deers running around less than 100m in front of us – amazing! Our walk then ended at our sledging tracks. As it had the time to freeze over night, now the track was much much faster than the day before, so much more fun. We also build a ginormous snowman!

Back at home we were all ravenous so hot dog time it was! We were so ravenous though that we ate a bit too much at that point I guess, as in the evening none of us were really hungry so Sarah just quickly made some pasta from the previous day’s leftovers…still delicious though!

We spent the last night watching some videos and some more photos, before going to bed. The next morning we got up for breakfast and packed, before we got a ride from Leif and Gisele to our final stop on this trip: Berlin. They stopped in Berlin where we had some currywurst together and they were off to continue their drive to Hamburg, and we were off to look for our hostel.

A very different way of spending New Year for me, but as enjoyable as ever :). Michael and I also learnt how to play Rosenkonig (I won every time – go me :D).



  1. Your German is Pretty non-existent?…how did it go from non-existent to pretty non-existing? haha MWAAAAAAA

  2. hehe 😛 I know the first few numbers…and how to say: Ich mochte eine kugelschreibe, and Ich (siehen(?)) eine kirche 😛

  3. I think I won one of the Rosenkönig games but who is counting 🙂

  4. Hehe – sure sure – maybe you did. If so my memory did very well at erasing it 🙂

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