Posted by: annmucc | January 14, 2011

Mission: Healthy Eating – Week 2

As I wrote on Thursday, I am currently on a mission – to eat healthily, and hopefully lose weight. As on Saturday we went to Diamond Light Source, we ate out. Sunday we then made ginger carrot soup (no cream) which we have made quite a number of times and liked. We then continued with the second week of recipes as suggested for week 2 by the BBC Good Food Facebook page (with some alterations of course).

Mon 10th: Superhealthy Salmon Burgers (with rice)

Before they had uploaded the new recipes, we had seen this recipe and decided to go for it. It seems to have been an inspired decision, as they then suggested it for the week. We made the burgers using smoked salmon. This made them quite salty (on hindsight we wouldn’t have added the soy sauce then). We also made two each and some rice. Next time the plan is to make one each (half the recipe) and cook some more rice. The combination would be better. Nevertheless, a to-be-repeated recipe.

Tue 11th: Eating Out

We had a voucher we wanted to make use of. Not a meal I want to write about on a healthy eating blog post ;).

Wed 12th: Leek, Potato and Bacon Soup

This was not one of the BBC Good Food suggestions for the week. However, when Michael saw it on the website while looking for the burgers, he sounded really excited about it. I didn’t find it to be the most exciting soup ever – I found it a bit bland to be honest (especially compared to the ginger carrot soup). However, it sounded like Michael really liked it, and I’m perfectly happy to eat it again (as I did with leftovers for lunch on Thursday).

Thurs 13th: Italian-Style Beef Stew

As Michael had his eye on the previous day’s soup, this was the one I had my eye on. Again, as I have said with other recipes, I didn’t find it as exciting as I would have liked to, but I think some chilli in there would make it perfect. Also, it wasn’t thin, as other people said it was. Michael however is not as excited about this as I think I may become with some more kick to it.

Fri 14th: Sticky Lemon Chicken

Have just finished eating this. This is definitely my least favourite recipe from all those I have tried. As someone mentioned in the comments on the recipe page, it tasted a bit sickly to me. I am sure the fact that it tasted a bit Asian (and I am not the biggest Asian fan) did not help. Other recipes I have tried over the past few weeks I have had ideas on what I could change to make better. This one? I would just scrap it from my repertoire.

Hmm – looking back at my comments I need to ask: What is wrong with me?!? I used to be the queen of bland food. Seems like Michael’s influence of adding chilli to everything is slowly creeping up on me. Except for the last recipe, of course. SO maybe there is still some hope for me :).



  1. hehe…we are a family of bland food ppl :)…here I cook quite blandly (have no herbs/spices or whatever), but I gernally add a teaspoon of pesto (green or red or sthg)…so probably that gives some spices hehe 🙂

  2. :). I’m no longer that bland-happy. Any plans to get some herbs/spices, or waiting for someone to give them to you 😛

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