Posted by: annmucc | January 22, 2011

London Bike Show (and Outdoors…and Boat)

In December Andreas from London Cyclist was having a ticket giveaway for the London Bike Show. As it was close to Michael’s birthday, and I knew he would like that, I decided to wade in and put in my entry…and I got one fo the ten pairs of tickets!

I hadn’t been to the Excel centre, or been on the DLR, so I was quite excited about that (particularly the second). As we arrived at the right station a mass of people got off and we all walked in a big crowd towards the Excel. It seemed like it was going to be a very busy trade fair!

The ticket to the London bike show also meant that we had access to the Outdoor Show and the Boat Show. As we were closest to the Outdoor show we stopped there first, then continued on to the bike show in the other half of the same hall, and finished with the Boat Show.

I found the Outdoor show the most interesting. The stands were mainly about destinations you can visit for outdoor activities. I also found one about Malta – not my Malta, but a Malta in Austria!

I guess the bike show was Michael’s highlight (maybe?). We went round seeing the different bikes on show. I must admit even the stands here looked much more professional that the ones in the Outdoor show, possibly as a result of bike companies making more money than travel agents :P. Michael managed to find the London Cycling Campaign and become a member, something which he had been hoping to do for a while.

The Boat Show was definitely the largest section. There were boats and boat parts galore. This section was much less crowded, but you could sense the poshness of whoever was there so well! I found this the least interesting as I have no plans of ever getting a boat, making me walking around there quite useless. There was a wakeboarding show in a pool at the end of the exhibition centre though which was the best thing about that section :).

The shows didn’t have that much to them, so we were ready in a couple of hours quite easily. Being in the area however we decided to make the trip to see the Thames Barrier. I first heard about this Barrier, which protects central London from flooding, from Emm. However, there was never a reason for us to go to the area so we never made it. Being just a ten minute walk away we decided to finally go see it.

The Thames Barrier is quite an impressive structure. When we were there it was open, letting the water run out of London. Unfortunately we couldn’t find where the Information Centre was, so we only had a look at it before making our way home.

Not the most exciting Sunday, but a very nice way of spending a quite lazy Sunday!


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