Posted by: annmucc | January 23, 2011

39 Steps to 32

It was Michael’s birthday on Thursday so it was my job to have a happy man at the end of the day!

Seeing as it was his birthday, and how much he hates mornings, I decided that I could afford to sleep in a bit. Unfortunately I didn’t let him know about this before, so he didn’t really get the benefit of it :). However, the real ‘celebration’ was in the evening.

One of Michael’s favourite thing in the UK is cask ale (and pub food). My choice of dinner location was the Dog and Duck. We had been there before and liked, and it was close to where we had to go later. Also, there was a Beer Festival going on, so I though Michael could get as big a choice of beer as he wanted :). The dinner went very well. As is typical of a pub meal, it was a very relaxed affair, with a very friendly waitress. It is not the most exclusive place for a celebratory dinner – far from it – but it has that homely (hyggelig) feeling which is great.

The highlight of the day was what came after the dinner though: tickets to see The Thirty-Nine Steps at the Criterion Theatre. This play is a comedic take on John Buchan‘s novel. I remember reading the book when I was younger, but didn’t remember much of the story, though I remember liking it. Of course, I didn’t do my research, so didn’t know it was a farce. Michael did though, which is why I guess he wanted to go to it as well :).

The play wasn’t what I expected it to be, as of course I expected a detective story. However I really liked what they made it out to be. The whole play was played by 4 people: the main man, and two men and a woman who constantly changed character, resulting in a lot of hilarious moments. It was a great show. Not sure if this was anything special (considering he’s taking me to Finland as my gift for my last birthday :P). But hey ho…that’s what he got 🙂



  1. It was a great day 😀 Really enjoyed it!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! And hope you liked the belated breakfast in bed too 🙂

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