Posted by: annmucc | February 13, 2011

The Fenechs come to the UK

The past week has been a week of Fenechs in the UK! My sister had planned to come meet her boyfriend fiancee (Bernard) here in London this weekend. Unexpectedly, my brother piped up last week telling me that he is going to be in St Albans (20min train ride from where we live) for 2 weeks for work. So we were all going to be here at one go! Something which last happened in May.

Stephen (bro) stopped here last Sunday on his way to St Albans for some dinner. Then on Thursday, Michael, Bernard and I went up to St Albans to meet Stephen. There we had some dinner and drinks, before Cecilia arrived from Dublin and we went to pick her up at the train station and had another round of dinner :P. Yes we’re pigs :D. Unfortunately Stephen was not staying in the UK for the weekend, so the weekend was the rest of us.

On to the weekend!

The weekend started on Friday night, where the four of us went to watch Legally Blonde. When it started I groaned a bit at its cheesiness, but within a few minutes I was immediately into it. I liked the feel-good nature of the show I guess. Spotting an old school mate in the cast was also an added bonus!

Yesterday was then the first day of sight seeing. We started off at Covent Garden, then made our way towards Trafalgar Square in search for food (specifically Subway – and failed!), then back to Covent Garden for the Transport Museum – Bernard’s choice seeing as as this is the field he works in Malta!

I liked the museum – enough. But that’s about it. I found it a bit too chaotic. When looking at  a board I found myself looking my way through all the separate things you could look at. The large number of little kids running all over the place also definitely didn’t help. At least we had vouchers for 2for1 tickets, and each ticket is valid for a whole year. Not sure it is worth it otherwise!

From the museum we then made our way towards St Paul’s Cathedral where we sat in on a part of the Evensong service. Then we walked along the Southbank towards Tower Bridge. The reason? We had tickets for the Ceremony of the Keys! Bernard wanted to see a Beefeater and we thought this would be a good place for him to see them :). I had already seen it, but still enjoyed it!

Back home we were all exhausted and slumped into bed! Today Michael and I left the other two to do their own sight-seeing and we’ll join for dinner tonight.



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