Posted by: annmucc | February 17, 2011

Random Dining on Valentine’s Day

Last Valentine’s day I left everything in Michael to organise everything. Unfortunately this meant that I didn’t get what I was envisaging. So this year once Michael bought tickets to a cabaret show, I said I would be the one responsible for dinner. This did not really work out as nowhere I would have liked to go to was open when we needed it to be. So we ended up going to Greenwich on the day and look around for a place to eat in. Luckily for us there were quite a number of free places. Our decision however fell on the Italian restaurant Bianco43.  We both really liked the clean decor and the menu looked good, so in we went.

There was already another couple in there, and what seemed to be friends of the staff at the back of quite a small restaurant. We where sat on the table next to the other couple, and soon given the menus by some very courteous and polite server – Italian charm huh? We ordered some bruschetta to share, then a portion of lasagna for me, and artichoke ravioli for Michael.

The restaurant had started to fill up by now, but the starter still came pretty quickly. I found the bruschetta quite salty for my taste. Michael said the same, but then he has probably become used to my zero-salt habits. We still ate the three pieces of bruschetta happily though!

Plates were cleared and cutlery for mains delivered. Unfortunately this is where the service started going a bit random. Michael’s ravioli were delivered, but my food was not. They apologised about this, but it still took around 5 minutes for my lasagna to be delivered. But it did arrive finally. Compared to Michael’s very small portion (definitely not more than 12 small ravioli!) my portion was huge! The portion size (and taste!) was similar to what I would have got from my grandma – it was great! I felt bad though for Michael! His ravioli was very good – there just wasn’t enough of it though.

On to the dessert…or not? This being Valentine’s day we thought we’d treat ourselves. Strangely though we were told they didn’t have any dessert. Hmm…strange! There was nothing left to do but to pay and make our way elsewhere to spend the time till the show started and grab some dessert.

Overall? A mixed review. As I said, it was quite a random dinner. The starter was not the best, but the main courses were really good. Portion sizes though were all over the place. Also…which restaurant does not offer dessert?!?! Having friends/other staff/family (not sure) sitting at the back chatting away in Italian, thinking that no one can understand was quite distracting, and quite random I would think.

I would say that this is a place to revisit. Most of the food, particularly the ravioli, were great. However, they need to get stuff a bit better organised I would think. Was this their first week? I would have thought from some of the randomness this could be possible, but then the staff did not look in any way stressed, so I guess not. Not sure what was going on, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

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