Posted by: annmucc | February 27, 2011

A Trip to the East End Markets

I am always looking for victims to accompany me on my mission to cross things off on my to-do list. I currently have a very willing victim in the form of Dorothy Gauci, a friend of mine from my secondary school days who is in London for 5 weeks as part of her masters course. As the weather was decent enough today, we went to the East end markets i.e. Petticoat Lane market, Brick Lane market, and Columbia Road Flower Market (with a short detour through Spitalfields market).

We started off at Petticoat Lane Market. We found this the least impressive of the markets selling mainly new goods such as clothes, make-up, shoes etc. For any Maltese readers (are there any of you any more?) it was pretty much like a Maltese monti. We pretty much rushed through it. It was definitely a good choice though, as what was to follow was much better. So it was off to Brick Lane!

Having left Petticoat Lane we then walked up Brick Lane till we came to the market. The area is quite well-known for the graffiti art there is. Most of them were quite impressive (unless tagged over :-/) and kept Michael and Dorothy very well occupied taking photos of the ones which caught their eyes. I particularly liked the paint shot face below (click here for detail). The market itself is mainly a haven for food and second-hand stuff. The aromas reaching you as you passed by made me hungry even though it wasn’t lunch time yet!

Having passed through Brick Lane Market we then went against the stream of people carrying flowers to reach Columbia Road Flower Market. This was my favourite of the three! It was super crowded, but the flowers and the sunny weather was a good sniff at the spring which is hopefully to come soon! The folk musicians in the area also gave the market the feel of a bustling place with all going for it. I loved it all: the colours, the sellers, the music – maybe not the crowds 🙂

Having feasted our eyes it was the turn to feast our taste buds. Having steeled myself to pass straight by the food stalls in Brick Lane market, we now returned for our lunch – YUM! We splurged out now – having an empanada each as a starter, and a rib meat roll for me, red curry for Michael, and noodles for Dorothy. A super success all round, particularly Dorothy’s!

The sunny day was slowly starting to turn grey. So we slowly made our way back to Liverpool Street Station via Spitalfields market. My verdict? Petticoat Lane is definitely one to give a miss next time, Brick Lane is good for food and graffiti, and Columbia Road Flower Market has a very good buzz, but so crowded!



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