Posted by: annmucc | March 5, 2011

Dorothy G and the Barbican Curse

Having had quite a number of great experiences through the Barbican freeb scheme, when Dorothy G. was coming to the UK I immediately told her about the scheme. So this weekend and last we had tickets for a show each at the Barbican. Unfortunately, there seems to be a curse on Dorothy enjoying a show there!

Last weekend we had tickets for the evening concert of the BBC Symphony Orchestra‘s ‘Total Immersion‘ into Brian Ferneyhough. The concert started with a discussion with Ferneyhough himself, talking about the music we were about to hear interspersed by snippets illustrating what he was saying. Not having researched the concert too well, we knew nothing about the composer.

As the snippets started being played we slowly started to realise that ‘hey-this might not be exactly what we were planning to hear!’ This was confirmed when the first piece was played: it sounded like a horror film score more than anything else, just minus shady people actually creeping up behind you. Nothing to do with the skills of the composer or the orchestra, but it just wasn’t our style (but then that’s probably our fault).

Today then we had tickets for The Sapphires – Australia’s hippest soul sisters. Besides us two and Michael, a friend of Michael’s who just moved to London – Orkida – was also with us. Originally we didn’t have tickets booked next to each other. However, the theatre was not that full so we managed to move to sit together.

The show started and it was going well, though compared to the high standards of what I have seen in the West End, it looked quite amateurish in places. It started well…but how does it finish? We have no idea! Unfortunately there was an accident on stage where one of the actresses got hurt and had to be taken to hospital. So we didn’t get to see the whole show through (refunds and changing the ticket dates were offered btw!).

So that’s two out of two shows I have encouraged Dorothy G to come with me to at the Barbican which didn’t go too well. I think I’ll stop suggesting things to her there in case next time something worse happens!



  1. […] I. I was thinking of saying unfortunately at the beginning, but considering Dorothy’s ‘curse‘, I decided to leave it out […]

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