Posted by: annmucc | March 6, 2011

Lord of the Dance 3D

I haven’t been to see much Irish folk dancing, besides the audience dancing at the folk music gig I went to recently. However, I have heard of Riverdance and the success that had following the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. I have also not gotten round to go see a film in 3D (except a couple of IMAX movies while still at school). So when the opportunity came about to go see the follow-up to Riverdance – Lord of the Dance – in 3D, I didn’t want to miss out!

The preview was showing at Screen1 in the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square. This is one of the screens commonly used for film premieres (it seats 1330), so it was a treat for me to get to go in. On arrival we found good seats in the middle of the theatre and waited for it to start, following a brief introduction by the distributor and the producer.

The film itself then started with an introduction by Michael Flateley. But the dancing soon started! In the classic tale of good vs evil, the dancers (and fiddlers) danced their way towards a very happy audience. It was exhilarating to watch – inspiring. The speed at which their legs tapped and kicked was quite amazing. Not sure the 3D contributed too much, but it didn’t detract either.

My verdict? Watching the film was fine but it really just made me want to go and see the live show. If that is the aim of the film, it definitely succeeded. However, particularly as there were audience shots, on its own, you can see how much you are missing from actually experiencing it live. If you don’t have an option, the film is definitely something you should watch, but if you can get to the live shows, I would probably save my money for that. The show was definitely planned to see it live!


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