Posted by: annmucc | March 17, 2011


Those were probably the most common sounds I heard on Saturday. Why? I went skiing!

Last year Michael kept on suggesting that we should go skiing. However, we never got round to going. I think this year he had pretty much given up on the idea as he suggested that we go to Paris as my birthday gift. I acted in delay though and suggested that we go to Finland to visit my brother, while at the same time go skiing for one day. So Saturday saw us taking a 1-1.5hr trip outside of Helsinki to the Serena ski resort.

Having grown up in Malta where snowfall is zilch, I had never been skiing before. So of course I needed to be taught. Michael, being the wise man that he is, refused to teach me himself, and instead as part of my birthday gift he paid for a ski lesson for Stephen (my brother) and myself. So all kitted up, we made our way onto the snow with our instructor Pejc.

So what did I learn? I learnt how to glide, position I should be in when skiing (forward! always lean FORWARD!), how to use lifts, how to brake (terribly important!) and how to turn. It was all the basics that are essential for getting around to some extent on skis.

The lesson only lasted an hour thought, and we were there for the whole day. So the rest of the day was devoted to me going up on the kiddie slope lift, and trying to get back down safely. I pretty much only fell down the first two times I tried it (when it was still preferable for me to fall I thought than lose control). Otherwise I surprised myself at how well it all went. My only gripe was at the kids on the kiddie slope totally disrespecting queues etc, and the parents just looking on smilingly at their little angels(?).

So did I only stay on the kiddie slopes? No I didn’t! I ventured once onto one of the big big slopes. I managed to get half-way down. However, then I fell back, and ended up sliding down the rest on my knees. Was I hurt? NO! It was exhilarating! The only one who got hurt was probably Michele, into whom another couple skied into as she was trying to come rescue me.

An utterly exhausting day. But a brilliant one nevertheless!



  1. As I said before…This is how the conversation went

    M: Ann…lets go to Paris for your birthday
    M thoughts: Romantic idea…she should be a happy girl. She will be putty in my fingers
    A: Hmmm, why don’t we go skiiing instead?

    Haha πŸ™‚

    But I can see that M is a wise wise man and did not teach you himself πŸ™‚

  2. @ Cec: Hehe probably πŸ˜› ask him hux. But he is a wise man πŸ™‚

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