Posted by: annmucc | March 19, 2011

Kurt Elling @ Barbican

Thanks to the freeb scheme, this week we got to see some jazz at the Barbican. This time, Dorothy G., the friend who is currently visiting us in London, could not get tickets for this, so it was just Michael and I. I was thinking of saying unfortunately at the beginning, but considering Dorothy’s ‘curse‘, I decided to leave it out :D.

I was quite excited about this as while in Prague Michael always was keen on going to see some jazz (though we never made it). Then last time I got tickets to a jazz event at the Barbican, Michael opted out so I took a colleague. This time though, we were finally going to see some jazz together!

Kurt Elling is “an American jazz vocalist, composer, lyricist and vocalese performer”. Shame to me I had never heard of him (he has won a Grammy Award, and been nominated countless times), so I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that the show would be such that the first half would be him with his small band, and then him with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra for the second half, but that’s about it.

WOW! I was very impressed. It was very clear that the audience all around us knew exactly who this guy was, and once I heard him sing I knew exactly why – he was fantastic! I have not heard that much jazz overall, but as happens every time jazz typically makes me happy, makes me want to tap my feet and go along with what’s going on. Kurt Elling’s voice and performance and that of the other musicians definitely helped that along to the fullest extent.

I went from not knowing who he is to a big big fan! I am sure you could become one too (if not already a fan). Just in case, I’ll leave you with my favourite of his songs…Golden Lady


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