Posted by: annmucc | March 27, 2011

Weekend in Denmark

It’s a week late, but finally it’s here.

Michael’s parents gave Michael and his sister a weekend in a ‘summer house’ as a Christmas gift. That weekend trip happened last weekend. We spent it in a gorgeous farmhouse in Ballum, Denmark.

So what did we do over the weekend? We ate, we played board games, we drove and walked in the land around the place, but above all we enjoyed each other’s company. It was great to see Michael’s dad saying words in English to me (he doesn’t speak English, but is starting feeling comfortable enough to say individual words), and Michael’s nephew Magnus willing to play with me and interact with me and seemingly enjoy it.

I was a bit worried of a weekend in Denmark with a lot of Danish, but besides the walks in the cold (which I still am a bit confused about the purpose of), it turned out really well – even if I didn’t see ‘sort sol‘ (black sun) which we went on the hunt for.



  1. As far as I have observed, the walks are to keep the digesting system on it’s top instead of just sitting there getting lazy all weekend.
    In my family we do it around Yule as well

  2. Hmm…that’s what they tell me too…I’m just not sure how jumping out of a car ambling for around 15mins, and jump back into the car and repeating can help! If everyone helped around the house with clearing up etc (and meal times did not take as long as they do that they actually merge into each other!!) it would probably work out just as well.
    Yeah…I’m from the south…walks in the cold are not my idea of fun as yet 😉

  3. Walking in the cold might be a national sport here 😉

    • Hehe – I’ve sort of been getting that idea too 😉

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