Posted by: annmucc | April 3, 2011

A Saturday in Richmond

I have been meaning to visit Richmond for quite a while. However, for some reason or another (including that I have been hoping for good weather for the visit), I hadn’t gotten round to visiting as yet. So when this week I decided to try to organise something with my uni friends/colleagues, my decision easily fell on Richmond.

This being quite a last minute thing, there were just two of us from the office. However, Orkida joined us, as did friends of my colleague. So the group was quite a nice size

The plan for visiting Richmond was that we visit the Farmer’s market there, then make our way along the river to Richmond park. Alas, we didn’t get round to finding the farmer’s market, but did tick the boxes of the other two items.

The walk along the river, even in the quite cloudy weather that we ended up having (the sun did peak at times, but not enough for us!), was great! It really made me promise myself that Michael and I should return someday the weather is great for a cycle along it. That should be a definite must for us!

From the Thames we then walked up towards Richmond Park. The climb, though short, was quite steep. However, the views from the top were definitely worth it (and gave us all an excuse to stop and take a breather ;)).

We spent a couple of hours walking and talking in Richmond park. It was great being with people, just enjoying each other’s company and our environment. I think this is something which I find lacking quite a bit from my life in London: having people to do things with outside of university. Maybe I should get round to inviting people to stuff like this myself, rather than hoping that someone else will invite me? From yesterday’s experience, maybe I should!



  1. I think you definitely should 🙂 Invite people a couple of times and hopefully they invite you some time or else keep inviting them 🙂

  2. Hehe. Yeah – maybe I should!

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