Posted by: annmucc | April 4, 2011

Scandinavian Kitchen Delights

Since Michael moved to London (him being Danish and all) I have visited the good folk at Scandinavian kitchen a couple of times, be it because we decide to meet there for lunch or dinner, or because Michael sends me to pick up something Danish for him (generally Spunk!). So when Michael told me about a bloggers night at their cafe, I was obviously excited. I was lucky enough that they allowed me to wiggle my way in! Yeay them!

Having visited Denmark a couple of times now, and Finland recently, I have by now tasted quite a bit of Scandinavian (Finland can fall under this title for this purpose!) food by now. So when I arrived and saw the food laid out, I was happy to spot a couple of old friends, particularly the herring – prepared in two ways! There were however a couple of items which I have never come across before (remember – I have never been to Norway!).I was excited to get introduced to all this good food by the owners of Scandinavian Kitchen, Bronte and Jonas, who explained to us what all the food laid out in front of us was. They also treated us to some gorgeous caviar – super nomnom!

In particular though there is one thing I will definitely remember – and that is the Norwegian brown cheese that ‘with knife and fork‘ introduced me to. As she warned me before I tasted it, it is sweet, but in such a cheesy way I would say! I was told that people either love it or hate it. I definitely fell into the ‘love’ category, as did the people there I then evangelised to trying.

It was an evening of great food, and good fun talking to the food bloggers around. So thank you Scandinavian Kitchen. I’ll definitely be back!



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