Posted by: annmucc | April 5, 2011

Food for Thought – Willesden Green

As I generally go in to university every day, I don’t tend to look for lunch places in Willesden Green (where I live). However, today I decided to stay home as I needed to get some work done for which I needed some peace and quiet. When lunch time came around, my boyfriend Michael suggested we go out to grab something. As he’s the one who generally has lunch in the area, I asked him to suggest a place. His choice fell on ‘Food for Thought‘, a place he’s been to twice before.

I don’t normally expect much from lunch in London. A sandwich with a filling just thrown in is just about as good as it gets. So my expectations weren’t particularly high. On entering the cafe/deli, 5 of the 8 tables were already occupied, so we chose a table in the middle of the seating area, from where I could happily look around. There were two ladies sitting chatting next to the window, while the others were 4 single men on individual tables: one quietly eating his salad and reading his newspaper, another younger guy reading his Kindle as he eats, and the other two at the end close to the counter busily and happily talking to the guy behind the sandwich bar.

The place is not that big, but the table arrangements is such that there is more than enough space to sit comfortably. The place is also light and airy, as it has a glass front which allows the sun in, while the inside is painted in bright and cheery colours. The happy chatter of the people around us, and the calm collectedness of the two people reading also helped make the place feel a comfy welcoming place.

But of course, the reputation of such a place can only rely on the food it offers, and not on the chance present of individual people. So what to choose? Hmm. Both Michael and I opted for a sandwich: salami and salad sandwich for Michael, and Mediterranean vegetable sandwich for me.

On seeing my sandwich I was immediately impressed. There was nothing pretentious about it – a good solid sandwich with a good amount of filling and bright and vibrant colours. On biting in I wasn’t disappointed! The vegetables were most definitely fresh! Growing up in Malta I was used to excellent fresh produce as a daily occurrence. Unfortunately, I don’t get as much of that now that I am in London, so I definitely appreciated this feeling of a hearty sandwich with reminded me of home.

My verdict? Definitely one to check out! I think for the freshness and overall taste of that sandwich I would probably make the effort to go a bit out of my way to get my lunch there. If I am in the area, I would definitely suggest it! The service was courteous, prompt, and efficient, and the food quality was top-notch. So kudos to you ‘Food for Thought’. You are definitely succeeding in your goal “to provide our customers with excellent personal service, using the best ingredients and innovative quality food”.




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