Posted by: annmucc | April 6, 2011

Mission Healthy Eating Continues

Remember my mission to healthy eating a few months back? I haven’t written about it recently, but not because I have abandoned it! I am not as zealous in following it as I was, but if I am eating at home I do try to cook a healthy option. The recipes we are cooking mostly lately are the soups from that list. However, these last few days we have trialled two other recipes not from the previous list that I think are worthy of a mention.

Salmon and Spinach

When I lived in Malta, salmon was about the only fish my sister would eat, so it was the most common fish we ate. When I moved to London, my relationship with salmon mainly descended to using the cheap salmon trimmings from Sainsbury’s, but it was still salmon. The spinach though? I had never cooked spinach before I came across this recipe I think! The combination is great though. I don’t generally make the tartare sauce, and just add some capers and the last time some Finnish mustard my brother gave me. The simplicity of the flavours marry so well together that we have already made this recipe twice within two weeks. A quick, easy and above all healthy recipe.

Italian Chicken and Rosemary Stew

This is a recipe which has been in my BBC Good Food recipe binder for quite a while. Mainly because I don’t have spelt at home, and it takes quite a long time to cook, I have never gotten round to making it. Yesterday however I worked from home, so decided to give it a go.

Though the cooking time stated is 1hr 20mins, 1hour of that involves the pot happily bubbling away in the oven with very little if any effort on your part. So though it takes quite a long time to be done, most of that time you can be busy doing other things. I still didn’t have spelt, so I substituted it with around a tablespoon of rice, which mopped up most of the liquid beautifully, while leaving the food moist.

The recipe is definitely a keeper! I really liked the flavours. At first I was worried it was going to be quite bland, but once the aromas starting coming out of the oven, I knew I was not going to be disappointed, and once I tasted the outcome, any concerns flew out of the window.

So that’s two new recipes for you to add to your repertoire if you’re interested! The healthy eating is having it’s effect now, which is great. So I hope I can stick with it for longer. So far it hasn’t been too tough, as making good healthy choices I don’t feel like I am depriving myself. *yeay*.



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