Posted by: annmucc | May 2, 2011

Ireland Trip with the Fenechs

At this moment in time, every member of my immediate family lives in a different country, so when coming up to decide plans for meeting up for Easter we though “Why limit ourselves to Malta, when we also have Finland, Ireland and the UK to choose from (amongst others?”.

The choice fell on Ireland – the West coast of Ireland to be more precise. So all of us + significant others (that made 7 in total) descended on Ireland towards the end of April. My sister has already written about all that we did on her blog, so I won’t bore you with all the details of what we did when. But what about my impressions of the trip?

The trip had started out as an idea I had late last year. I though it would be nice that rather than always descending on Malta, where all of us are pulled here and there with meeting people and catching up with stuff, we could actually spend some time doing something together. And where better to do that than when you’re in a foreign country living in the same places in the countryside, with one car to take you places?

Choosing Ireland was quite a risky choice. After all, you don’t know what weather you will get. We were however lucky enough to get very decent weather most of the days, with only one day of grey and rain. This meant that we could really enjoy the Irish countryside, in all its green glory, together with spots of white lambs, sheep and cows, as well as black doughnuts on the roads (i.e. people who try to do 360degree turns on the road for the fun of it on very narrow roads – are the Irish suicidal or what!?!). However, I must admit that after seeing green hills and sheep for a few days, the ‘ooh’ factor is lost!

Prior to the trip I was quite sceptical of how it would all turn out. My family is one of opinionated people, who are not afraid to use their voice (as is typical of most Maltese). I was a bit scared of what a week with my family would do to Michael, the reserved the Dane (aka my boyfriend), most of all :P. However, now that we are out at the other end, I’m quite impressed I must say! We are all still alive and decisions were made quite easily. Thanks you guys :D.

I hope this is the first of a number of family trips to come – we don’t see each other that often anyways. Next family meetup will be my brother’s wedding in Finland though – looking forward to that!


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