Posted by: annmucc | May 16, 2011

Camping in Cookham – Part 2

We went camping at Cookham Lock. As the name indicates, the camp site is actually on the site of a working lock at Cookham “that the powerful waters of the Thames meet the Chiltern chalk at Cliveden Cliff”. You can read Part I here.


Sunday we were woken up with the sounds of birds and wildlife around us – how great is that? We opened our porch door and the tent window and relaxed while enjoying the views while waiting for the sun to rise properly.

Soon though we were starting getting a bit hungry, so we made our way to the village where we tracked down some muffins and a newspaper at a shop in the petrol station in the middle of the high street. Back at the campsite we then relaxed for an hour next to the tent reading the newspaper, looking at boats passing by and soaking up the atmosphere before packing the tent, saying our goodbyes, and making our way to the village.

On arrival on Saturday we had immediately seen posters all over the place about the Cookham Festival happening that week, as well as a street festival to be held in the high street on Sunday from 12-4. We were a bit early so we stopped at Infusions cafe for a baguette and a hot drink, while observing the people getting busy setting the place up (and the people walking all their humongous dogs in Cookham!).

We also got the experience of an opera singer in a ball gown singing in the area set up for that purpose just opposite the cafe, i.e., bizarrely, the petrol station, just between the fuel pumps! I guess as the road was closed the petrol station couldn’t do any business so why not be put to good use?

Soon enough noon arrived and we started making our way around the stalls. There were stalls of crafts, jewellery, soaps and whatnot.

However, probably the one drawing the most attention was the stall of the Bel and the Dragon pub.This pub is reopening tomorrow (don’t know how long it has been closed for, but don’t think that long), so the chefs and waiters were offering free food (including a suckling piglet!), wine and ice-cream to passers-by. The wild garlic and onion soup they were giving out was absolutely heavenly! If that is the quality of the rest of the food I’m sure it will be a success!

Our stay in Cookham was however coming to an end. So we made our way up to the train station. By this time it had started to drizzle so it was good to reach shelter while waiting for the train. From Cookham we got the train to Maidenhead, where we changed to the train to London, and on home in a reverse of our trip to Cookham. All in all a very successful and relaxing weekend. Even though we’ve just spent a whole week in Ireland enjoying the countryside, which meant we might not have appreciated as much as we could, it was fantastic to get out of London and into the countryside. The question now is, where next? and more importantly…when?!



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  2. Not quite the right place for it, but it is food related…I hear rumours that you can buy Maltese food in London – where????! Please help!

  3. Hi Francesca…It depends what you are looking for! I have found Kinnie, but nothing much else unfortunately (unless at the yearly Malta day celebration in September)!

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