Posted by: annmucc | June 16, 2011

Weekend Country Hopping

My last post here was a month today. That’s probably a record of the longest time without posts here! It’s not that I have forgotten the blog. I have been very busy at university writing up my PhD. This often means that when I get home I don’t really feel like writing much more! However, it is not just university which has been keeping me busy! There’s also been three trips in the last month!

First off it was Michael’s dad’s 60th and Michael’s brother-in-law’s 40th birthday in May. So they organised a joint birthday party for around 130 family and friends on the 28th of May. We couldn’t possibly miss this! So off to Denmark for a weekend it was.

Friday morning was spent at the Southern Jutland animal show in Aabenraa, where Michael’s dad was working on his companies stand. The place was full of farm equipment and animals. Michael also got to help herd(? – push more like it!) some cows and a bull to the showing ring for the father of a friend of his! I was scared he’d get trampled, or the animals would trample one of the many kids running around the place. Luckily it went by with no incident! In the afternoon we then went to help set up for the party in preparation for the next day.

The party was a typical Danish party. This to me has started to mean that there was a seating plan, a buffet, but more importantly there is people-hand-shaking and speeches – in Danish! Too much of these last two I would say! All the farmer guys shaking my hand (you have to shake everyone’s hand as they arrive and as they leave) meant my poor hand was a bit squashed by the end. And of course I don’t understand anything of the speeches! However, besides that, I had a good time. I am starting to feel more comfortable interacting with the Danes (even if they still appal me with their directness sometimes!) so I could go off on my own as well. I also got to make some bread on the campfire set up for kids…yeay to me!

Weekend over it was time for me to return to London while Michael spent two weeks in Denmark. However, once back in London I started to get a bit fidgety, and finally settled on going to Malta the weekend coming! This turned out to be a good thing as my sister was in Malta with friends, and my brother was going to Malta for some work. This meant that we ended up being 7 people (mum, 3 kids + 3 of my sister’s friends) at home! We must have driven my mum crazy! I am so glad I went back. I really enjoyed my time there and returned to London with an enthusiasm for work. I won’t say much about it but one of my sister’s friends, Ross, guest-blogged on my sister’s blog. So go over there to check it out!

Back in London I had three days of very productive work, before returning to Denmark. Having picked me up from the airport Michael drove us to Farup so, a lake close by, where we got a take away of spare ribs and picnicked away while enjoying the view. We didn’t manage to eat it all, the portion was so big! It was great to have some time to relax and talk after two weeks apart.

The main reason for this second visit in so short a time, however, was for a wedding – my first Danish wedding!  It was a great (if slightly traumatising) experience. But I plan to write a whole new post about that soon. So you’ll have to hold your curiosity till then 🙂


  1. Your poor hand :(…

    Glad you enjoyed the trip to Malta!!!

    And what direct questions were asked to you this time? How many people asked when you will be having kids??? 😛

  2. No kids this time :). I was asked (or more accused I would say) if I am English and one woman I have only seen once told me ‘you don’t have a dad’ as way of introducing me to someone I have never met. Pfff!

  3. Exciting conversations I must say. I am jealous of you 😛

    • I’m sure I can invite you over next time to enjoy! At the wedding a girl Michael had just introduced me to, as soon as we said he works and I’m a student turned to me and said so Michael pays for everything! pfff. You should come next time and we can share the comments!

      • Hehe…hope you gave her a good talking to as she deserves :)…next time I will be there 🙂

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