Posted by: annmucc | July 3, 2011

First Weekend in the New Place

It’s Sunday evening here – our first weekend in the new place is nearly over! And what a weekend! Not the busiest, or the funnest or anything – just the most relaxed and good time weekend in a while though I think.

First things first on Saturday: clearing up the loose ends left from our previous place. So we went up to Willesden Green to clean the room, remove the last few things we had in the place, and return the keys in return for the deposit. We should be getting all the deposit back, which is great! Having finished that off it was back down to Kilburn for some shopping, relaxing, cooking…and tennis.

Yesterday was the ladies final at Wimbledon. Now, neither Michael nor I are big tennis fans, but as we were eating the game was on and decided to watch it. Immediately I started rooting for Petra Kvitova – she was the underdog after all, while Sharapova was the runaway favourite, so I guessed Kvitova needed the support. And she proved me right! She won the game to become Wimbledon ladies champion :).

The evening was then time for a pub crawl 🙂 *yeay* Melissa, our flatmate, had a friend over, and invited us to join on a pubcrawl with them and some other friends. It was a great time – a normal evening with friends, which is not something common here in London for us. We went to four pubs in one evening, stopping at one to watch the Haye vs Klitschko heavyweight title fight – my first boxing match. Not my favourite sport, but good to watch once I guess.

Black Lion pub

Having had a late night last night, today we had a late morning. On waking up we saw the great weather outside so decided we needed to get out. We walked to Hampstead Heath (only around 35min walk from here), enjoying the good weather, greenery and water. I think it was a great idea. We finished the walk with a pub lunch at the Golden Gate, which we had been to last year for Valentine’s day. I wasn’t too impressed with the food, but it was decent enough.

Back home it is now time for a rest. A great weekend, but now need to get back to work tomorrow…wish me luck!


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