Posted by: annmucc | July 19, 2011

Weekend at the BBC Proms

The BBC Proms is the ‘world’s greatest Classical music festival’ held annually at the Royal Albert Hall. I have been meaning to attend for quite a while, but never got round to it. Earlier this year I put it down on my to-do list. Having written it down I had to find a way of going. So when tickets were out I made sure to be online on time to buy tickets. We had decided to purchase weekend passes for the first weekend (Proms 1-4) and weekend 5 (Proms 38-41).

And the first weekend has arrived (and gone by). The promming pass we had was for the gallery. This meant that we could just queue with the season ticket holders, and therefore get in earlier than day prommers, and get a decent place each time. At £17.50 the pass was definitely good value for money!

We heard a wide variety of music during the weekend, from new commissions to more well-known pieces, from single instrument pieces (organ recital), to massive performances (Gothic symphony, with over a thousand performers!). The performance I really appreciated was probably Benjamin Grosvenor’s encore of Brahms Hungarian Dance No. 5. I didn’t expect it, but loved it! I also enjoyed the last act of William Tell (Rossini), for which we had moved down to the Arena. Not sure if the reason I liked it was because we were closer to the performers in the arena, or if it was just the piece of music. The Gothic Symphony was also impressive!

If I hadn’t decided to attend the BBC Proms before, I might have been lazy and not got round to attending this year either. Buying a weekend pass also meant that I attended for things I wouldn’t have necessarily gone to otherwise. So definitely a good choice there (though attending for four concerts in 3 days is it the top of the limit).

So how am I planning to enjoy the rest of the season. Well, we already have a weekend pass for August, when my mum is visiting – so looking forward to that, especially as those proms should be a bit more accessible. I’m also hoping to enjoy a few other individual proms, starting with tomorrow’s Dvorak and Smetana Prom. Looking forward to it all!


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