Posted by: annmucc | November 5, 2011

Enjoying London…for Free

I have now come to the end of my stay in London and moved for a job to Denmark. I will be blogging about my life there mainly at, although I might use this blog sporadically to write about things that do not fit into this blog (such as rants, or trips abroad). However, I thought it would be useful, and appropriate, to post an email I have sent to my friends about where I used to find about all the events going on in London for you to follow:

  1. sign up to and When you are on the mailing list every so often they will email you about a show or concert that you can get free tickets to. These are typically shows that haven’t sold out so they want to fill up the theatre as it is much nicer for the ones who paid to have a full theatre. We have seen some not that good shows, but have also gotten tickets to see Bon Jovi, Rod Stewart, Annie Lennox, musicals etc – I probably wouldn’t have paid for 95% of what they offered (not because of the quality but more because of interest/cheapness) but for free I gladly go and mainly they are very decent things! It is also useful to keep an eye on their facebook page as they often post stuff there as well.
  2. Sign up to the Barbican’s freeb scheme (25 and under). They regularly put tickets onto the scheme that you can book for free. We have seen quite a lot of stuff, from contemporary dance (that we’ve decided is NOT for us), to a Basement Jaxx organised concert, to classical, comedy, and everything in between. The booking system takes a bit of getting used to, as you have to sign in, then select the concert you want to go to through the freeb website, then select seats that are marked in black (only those are available through the freeb scheme), and then you need to tell the system that you want 0 standard tickets and 1 or 2 freeb tickets, and at every stage after that you need to keep on telling the system that you do not want parking and do not want ice-cream etc etc. However, I’ve really enjoyed most of what we’ve gotten at this theatre.
  3. Jameson Cult Film club: Jameson sponsored film showings at interesting locations e.g. Union Chapel (a church), at the docks etc. You get a film, and free Jameson cocktails 🙂 What’s not to like?
  4. As you have made it here you might be a regular visitor of blogs, or you might not. But in any case, a good blog listings I have found that advertises stuff that I am interested in is ianvisits. I haven’t been to much through there – mainly because of time rather than anything else – but through it I’ve learnt that e.g. the Diamond Light Source will have an open day and could book a place onto it etc.
I think that is most of where I have gotten the free stuff. Really in London there is more free stuff going on than you can handle :). As a student they come in helpful!


  1. Hi Ann! I saw your comment..and since you left it today, I am guessing that you will be in Kolding tomorrow. I actually was planning on going to the Kolding Storcenter tomorrow so if you email me at my email address (which I am assuming you will be able to see since I am required to add in order to comment–and if not, just post another comment on my blog) to let me know what time you will be here, I would love to have coffee!

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