I am a 23 year old student doing a PhD at the Centre for Sustainable Heritage, University College London after a bachelor degree in chemistry and biology at the University of Malta. I look forward to what my future brings, but at the same time am apprehensive at the changes that may occur.


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere 🙂

  2. Ann

    ur no longer 21 :D:D:D…

  3. How do I add myself as a visitor??

  4. It should be added automatically, but it doesn’t seem to be working well :-/

  5. […] and the North By annmucc If you all take a peak at the menu on the right just underneath About you should now be able to see another listing: Styles in Painting. As you can read there, […]

  6. 23 dude xx

  7. Hi I am the author of Priceless I am following your blog thanks for reading my book!


  8. Hey – i was just reading some article that you wrote about Maltese in London (bhali) and i’m dying to know which places in London sell pastizzi and kinnie. I’d be delighted if you could get back to me!

  9. Hi leftylemur…
    Welcome to the blog. There is a list of stockists of Kinnie on this page: http://www.kinniedrinks.com/ (go to stockists on the top menu).
    I have been told that the person who used to make pastizzi no longer sells them, so would need to disappoint on that one…There is a Malta Day every September though where they sell a lot of Maltese stuff.

  10. Hi, not sure if you update this anymore, but i am a student in the UK and looking to study at the University of Denmark (Sonderborg Campus) and i came across your blog and saw you live there. Was hoping to ask you a few questions about it if that’s possible! Not sure if my email is visible to you or not. Rachael x

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