Posted by: annmucc | November 26, 2008

In One Week…

Guess where I will be?

In Malta 🙂

and in two?

I will be a graduate 😀


But how do I feel about it?

Well, I am not so sure. I am sure it will be great being back, but I also hope to find some time to do some work (which I am guessing may prove to be quite hard). Also, in a way I am now seeing London as my home, so don’t know how being back will affect me…Will it overturn the settled feeling I am getting here? Make me miss Malta a lot? Or just make me feel so much more at home here in London, and that this was the right decision? I don’t want to feel alienated from Malta, but at the same time I don’t want to be alienated from London and my life here.

And graduation? I guess it will be good to meet my friends 😀 (hey Marilyn ;)) but not sure if I should be more excited about it…We’ll see 🙂

Whatever happens, I am sure it would be good to be back!



  1. graduate what fun!
    does your group to the buscading and all that stuff too?

  2. @ Mina: sure 😉 of course we will!!!!

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