Styles in Painting

Being in the heritage field in one way or another I often come across mentions of artistic styles and famous paintings and artists. However, not having a background in history of art, I often struggle to make the connection required. I had been looking for courses on history of art just for my general knowledge. I came across a course at the National gallery here in London. However, I couldn’t find it in me to justify me paying for the course now, so I put it on my wish list. When Michael’s parents visited they gave me a birthday present…guess what? Yes! subscription to part of this course (it is in 4 parts, and I have registration for the second part as the first is over).

So I have decided to type up the notes I take down and put them up here. Thanks again to Michael’s parents for giving me the course registration as part of my birthday gifts. Any inconsistencies or errors are of course my own, and regretted. Enjoy!

Northern Art

Mannerism Part 1

Mannerism Part 2




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