To-Do List


I have realised that if all goes well with my PhD I might have less than a year left in London! Having crossed off one of the things I have been meaning to do in London for over a year today – visiting Bletchley park – I thought I should make a list of all the other things I want to do in the coming year. This list will hopefully evolve as things are crossed off, and new ones are added.

Bletchley park – November 2010

Hampton Court Palace – July 2011

Richmond – April 2011 Farmers Market Saturdays 11-3pm (Twickenham farmers market sat 9-1pm)

Candlelit evenings at Sloane Museum – December 2010

Brick Lane Market (Sundays, + Columbia Flower Market, Petticoat Lane Market) – February 2011

Greenwich – February 2011

Spitalfields market – November 2010

London Eye – visit in June 2011 on a CSH trip.

Go to a Prom – July/August 2011

See a play at the Globe Theatre

Windsor and Eton (Cycled there) – May 2011


I first came to Denmark in January 2008. Since then I have been visiting quite regularly, particularly now that both Michael and I are living in London, making it easy to hop over there for a weekend or so. I have seen quite a lot on my visits, particularly of Southern Jutland. However, there is always things I say I want to do next time, but when next time comes around I forget what they were. So what better way to keep track of them than to keep a list on my blog? At lunch today I sat with a map of Danish Attractions and marked the ones I am interested in. They will undoubtedly evolve over time, as the London list is doing.

UPDATE: Looking at all these websites I realised how expensive all of them are! Maybe we don’t have to visit them all…they are just options 🙂

Phanomenta Science Centre – Flensburg

Egeskov slot

Fiskeri- og Sofartsmuseet

Givskud Zoo


Hjemsted Oldtidspark


Moesgard Museum – Gravbelle Man

Froslev prison camp




Sky Mountain

Suggestions for Other visitors

Berlin: take a guided tour of the Reichstag + visit to the dome (book free tickets before); Pergamom museum

Rome : Tour of the Vatican museums; Tour of the necropolis under the Vatican

Lisbon: Sintra (especially Pena and surrounding park)


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