Posted by: annmucc | January 12, 2009

Need to Remember…

From today’s happenings, there are a couple of things I NEED to remember in the future:

1. NOT to read on the bus going to university: I used to do it in the beginning, but had practically stopped, but today I decided to read again. Result? I get a big headache, and spend the whole day with this tight feeling in my head like something is compressing it…not good! The only reason I managed to get some work done was that I had something which I had already started, and which I wanted to get done so as to hopefully finish the document I am doing now on dyes in colour photographs sometime in the foreseeable future (not seeing it though as yet :P)

And more to do with travelling…

2. Travel dates. Woohooo! Yesterday MCA bought a ticket for end of February, when we will hopefully go for a weekend to Cambridge together. Can’t wait! Then, a friend of mine from my home village said she is thinking of visiting London with her boyfriend in February as well. Then? Well, I think I already posted about my mum and sister coming to visit. It will turn into a family trip it seems for a little over a day, as my brother Stephen (who is currently in Namibia…read about it here and here) needs to go to Malta for his master thesis viva on Friday the 13th (yes – LOL!), so he will be passing through London on the 7th-8th, when the whole family will then be in London! Can’t wait for that now :D. He will also be passing back through London on the weekend on the 20th, which is the weekend Sarah may be visiting as well. Uhhh – so many people visiting in Febraury! Then in March, Marilyn and Christabelle will be coming to the UK for some ten days. April? MCA and I will be going to Malta for 2 weeks, and his parents will join for some 5 days or so. May? Just bought flight tickets to Prague for an extended weekend, as I (of course :)) chose the weekend which has a bank holiday on Monday. Well, pheww, I think that is enough travel for now! Hopefully this means that travelling till May is settled, and I can rest :).

Can’t wait to visit and be visited!


Travel - Ways and Means

Travel - Ways and Means



  1. See you out there πŸ™‚ Glad to have the next trips scheduled

  2. YEAH!!…as long as I am travellg too Im happy πŸ˜€

  3. gosh sounds like you’re gonna be very busy from Feb onwards. Looking forward to see you in Spindler Mlyn next weekend. Catch up with you then!

  4. @ Michael/Cec: Looking forward to the trips too πŸ™‚

    @ Grace: I won’t be in Spindler Mlyn next weekend 😐 So we will have to get Michael to organise something for when I am in Prague in May to catch up then.

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