Posted by: annmucc | January 24, 2011

Mission: Healthy Eating – Week 3

This week was not necessarily the most successful week as we ate out twice. On Tuesday we were going to a show so ate out, and then Thursday was Michael’s birthday so we went out for a treat. The other days though we did try to follow the recipes BBC Good Food Facebook group was suggesting, of course with some alterations. So what did we get up to?

Monday 17th: Spiced Pepper Pilafs

As we had peppers in the house which we needed to make use of, we decided on a repeat of this recipe from week 1. This time round though Michael added much more spices than the first time, when he limited that to make sure it doesn’t overwhelm me. The added spices definitely made the recipe better, though I would still say a bit of chilli might have made it even better :).

Tuesday 18th: Danish Hot dog

No, this wasn’t a healthy recipe, but what I chose from the menu atΒ Scandinavian Kitchen, our choice for dinner before a BBC show recording we went to round the corner. Very good choice, though not sure it was the healthiest. Also, as all Danish hot dogs, the sausage was bigger than the bread…what’s up with THAT?!?

Wednesday 19th: Spicy Vegetable Egg Fried Rice

Quite good, but not awe-inspiring. I am still unsure why they say to scramble the egg on the side. We ended up with lumps of scrambled egg in every few bites rather than egg throughout. Not sure if it was because we did something wrong? Next time I would probably just mix the egg in over everything and *cross my fingers* hope it cooks. To repeat with changes!

Thursday 20th: Salmon and Vegetables

This was Michael’s birthday so we ate out. I was quite good and selected fish and veg rather than my usual beef and ale pie (mmm). I did end the meal with a banoffee cheesecake, which was not the best choice healthy-wise- but hey – we were celebrating!

Friday 21st: Spiced Carrot and Lentil Soup

This wasn’t on the suggested menu, but it has been the highlight of all the recipes we’ve cooked so far this year! Deliciously spicy, with a great nutty flavour and texture coming from the lentils. As I said with the first lentil soup we had cooked as the first meal from this series, it really makes you feel full after eating it. A definite repeat…wonderful!

Saturday 22nd: Zesty [Cod] with Crushed Potatoes and Peas

The second of this week’s recipes. I used cod rather than haddock, and spring onions rather than chives as that is what we had. I also added some mint to the potatoes (which turned out mashed rather than crushed – also I did have to cook them for longer than the 10minutes it says). I normally find eating fish like this a chore I have to do as it is good for me. I really loved the dressing on this one, and made an otherwise quite bland-tasting fish taste great. An excellent mixture.

Sunday 23rd: The Ultimate Makeover – Chicken Tikka Masala

I was first introduced to Chicken Tikka Masala via the premade sauces you find in supermarkets. I agree, not the most auspicious introduction, but I liked it. However, those sauces are totally unhealthy so we have looked at maybe making it ourselves at home. So far most of our efforts have been disappointing at best, particularly on flavour. This recipe was the first time a homemade tikka masala recipe satisfied me on all counts. It was also not as greasy as the bought sauces, which is great. The only negative would be that it is not as quick and easy as most of the other recipes that have been suggested. A definite keeper though!

Let’s see what this week brings!



  1. re stiring in an egg when making the rice thingy – yer it will cook πŸ™‚ just beat it up, throw it in n stir. u’ll still get pieces but not as many as u seem to have with the method u used before πŸ˜€

    • Yeah — that’s what we’ll do next time. We thought we’d follow the recipe as it is hux.

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